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Beckford Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

Welcome to Physical Education

Beckford children have the opportunity to participate in a huge range of sports. Additional to weekly PE lessons, children have the opportunity to play sports at break times and lunch times.

We enter a number of sports leagues, non- competitive sports events and competitive tournaments throughout the year.

For children wanting to further advance their skills in certain sports, we offer after school sports clubs. These clubs are run by qualified sports coaches and require a minimal termly fee.

Mr Purcell also offers some after School clubs by invitation which are free of charge and prepare children for inter School competitions. 

Children in years 3 & 4  have weekly swimming lessons; a full term in either autumn or spring  and a half term in the Summer.

Our aim is to ensure physical education at Beckford is fun, inclusive, challenging and safe for all.

Children are required to wear full PE kit for their lessons and for safety purposes must not wear any form of jewellery, including stud earrings.

Beckford PE Kit

Plain white T-shirt

Green Shorts (the same colour as the School jumper)


Optional extras (under the discretion of Mr Purcell) - leggings under shorts and/or a long sleeved top under the T-shirt

If ill or injured pupils must still bring in their PE kit, change and help as an official, coach or umpire during the lesson. 

Mr Purcell

(P.E Teacher)